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Group of authors
Statybų Ekonominiai Skaičiavimai
(Economical Calculations for Construction)

Rimvydas Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 37) 313 420

Saulius Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 5) 270 16 44
Cellular (+370 686) 201 96

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Estimates and documentation of estimates - one of the main activities of our company. The company employs are trained professionals who possess years of experience and  can prepare estimated calculations for any construction of the facility. Whether you need an apartment repair estimates, or participate in the contest, you need estimate documentation of the entire project economic part - please contact us and we will help you in any estimates of the matter.

            Specialized software modules. Each company is unique, so not always the standard solutions can fully meet the needs of the user.
We can adjust SES2004 or our other products to your company's specific requirements. This program is very flexible, so it‘s eary to adapt the existing program, but as the need arises, you can go beyond and create new documents, forms, databases, and new features.

Consultation. Our senior professionals will be able to advise you on estimates making, the application of standards, price selection, constructive solutions and other issues.

Not sure that contractors are open to you, you have some doubt for the cost of the work, you want independent advice? Then you can feel free to contact us - our advice is completely independent and objective. We stand for quality and economy, and we believe that this is true for you too!

            Training. Knowledge - the human asset. Therefore, organize a regular training qualifications. Authors read a seminar on „The estimate - building an organizational document“. Developing a work program for the estimated SES2004 courses. We perform educational activities in Lithuanian universities. Creating a estimating program working places for those students who prefer to work with innovative and modern instrumentation Lithuanian universities. We are planning to organize training courses for kasieres with the further certification  in Construction Engineers Association.