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Group of authors
Statybų Ekonominiai Skaičiavimai
(Economical Calculations for Construction)

Rimvydas Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 37) 313 420

Saulius Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 5) 270 16 44
Cellular (+370 686) 201 96

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Authors group of „Construction Economic Calculations“ was established in 2000 summer when Rimvydas Mikalauskas, and Saul Mikalauskas with regret had to leave Ltd. Astera. The first 3 months there were intense design works of SES2000. We tryed to create a truly convenient, simple and flexible program, taking into account all the other programs in the positive and negative sides. Already in the month of December we did the first presentation in Kaunas. There was non-stop improving, and 2002 Infobalt SES2000 exhibition was awarded "Best ITTE product information systems category.
2002 Internet users, we presented SESWEB - online estimating service. Although, in principle, it was more of a demonstration nature Calculator (showing how to display documents online, edit them, use large data bases), but its use is steadily increasing. Judging from the registration data, the maximum interest SESWEB several banks, insurance companies and, of course, the students.
2004 Infobalt SES2004 at the end of the first time we presented in beginning of 2005 we held a series of presentations in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevezys and Alytus. By end of 2005, for more than 70% of our users have switched to this version.
            Until 2009, March. SES2000 and SES2004 programs purchased close to 600 companies the total amount - more than 1500 working places.
            Our activities are not limited on estimates program producing and distribution, particular attention is given to construction companies for the development of existing software tools for efficient application in the construction of economic issues. Regularly publish articles in journals on these topics "New Construction", "Construction and architecture and others.

Rimvydas Mikalauskas - the best-qualified builder-engineer, estimator, his career began in 1964
• Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic Polytechnic Institute, civil engineer's diploma, 1960-1964
• Ibid, section supervisor, lecturer ( "Construction materials, Structural mechanics), 1964-1969
• Tajik SSR Design Institute TADZIKGIPROSTROJ, Ing. calculations Head, 1969-1976
• Lithuanian SSR Construction Committee of the computing center at Kaunas Miestprojektas, leader of the group, Ing. calculations, CAD departments, 1976-1985
• Kaunas Pramprojektas, computing section governor specialist, 1985-1986
• Kaunas Žemprojektas, CAD rooms. governor, 1986-2002
• UAB Astera, the governor specialist, 1995 - 2000
• authors group of „Building Economic Calculations“, since 2000

Saulius Mikalauskas - Master of Applied Mathematics, with 10 years experience in creating programs for the estimates.
• Kaunas University of Technology Gymnasium, a certificate with a silver medal, 1990-1993
• Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, 1993-1997
• Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Applied Mathematics Master's degree, with honors, 1997-1999
• UAB Astera, the governor programmer, 1997-2000
• authors 'group' of building economic calculations, since 2000

• SES2000 - automated budgeting MicroStation TriForma media ( "New Construction", no. 10) (2004-03-16)
• Design desecration ( "New Construction", No. 9). (2003-11-30)
• Budgeting online - SESWEB. (2002-09-22)
• The estimated cost (2002-08-29)
• Building the business organization (2002-07-29)
• Projektas.Programos creation story. (2002-02-29)
• GG ActiveX component (2002-01-09)